Dougherty County Tax Records (Georgia)

Dougherty County Assessors are responsible for determining the value of property in order to assess property taxes in Dougherty County, Georgia. The Assessor’s Office is an important source for tax records. The Assessor’s Office maintains current data on the value of all property in the jurisdiction, including ownership information, maps of property lines, and Dougherty County property tax records. Many Assessor’s Offices also provide online access to property assessments and tax records.

Dougherty County Assessor's Office Albany GA PO Box 1827 31702 229-431-2130

Dougherty County Clerks file important documents and preserve records in order to maintain a public archive Dougherty County, Georgia. The Clerk’s Office also maintains tax records. The Clerk’s Office contains records on real estate excise taxes, property transactions, mortgages, liens, and tax records. The Clerk’s Office may also have court records that include Dougherty County tax information. Many Clerk’s Offices provide online databases to access tax records.

Dougherty County Clerk Albany GA PO Box 1827 31702 229-431-2121

Dougherty County IRS Offices are local branches of the federal Internal Revenue Service, and it is a valuable source for tax records in Dougherty County, Georgia. An IRS Office can provide a copy of your recent tax returns, transcripts of tax returns, and tax records from open case files. You can also access Dougherty County Tax Court records, either at an IRS Office or online. Certain tax records are private, or may require a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

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Dougherty County Recorders of Deeds maintain multiple kinds of records, particularly documents related to property and property taxes, and these records are available to the public in Dougherty County, Georgia. The Recorder of Deeds can be an important source for tax records. The Recorder of Deeds keeps documents on land transactions, including deeds, mortgages, easements, Dougherty County tax liens, and other tax records. Many Recorders of Deeds provide online databases to access tax record information.

Dougherty County Recorder of Deeds Albany GA PO Box 1827 31702 229-431-2198

Dougherty County Town Halls and City Halls are the chief administrative offices that run municipalities in Dougherty County, Georgia. They often maintain records related to the locality, making them a valuable resource for locating Dougherty County tax records. Town and City Halls keep documents on property taxes, property value assessments, and other local tax records. Many Town and City Halls provide online access to tax records.

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